I am in love with Josh Ramsay.

Mind you, so is every other guy-liking person who knows who he is… but let’s not think about that!

He is a cool person. He describes himself as “song and dance man of Marianas Trench and so forth” and is both engaging and real in all his interactions with fans. He is incredibly funny and charming and multi-talented. He has recovered from both a heroin addiction (that got him expelled from high school) and an eating disorder, living a more positive and productive life through music. During the concert, he and his bandmates drank water. Yeah. Water. Do you know how rare it is for bands to not be piss drunk on stage, especially to not be drinking on stage?

You can tell he likes what he’s doing. He talks while on stage, even directly to fans. He can improvise music on the spot for one of the band’s techs to do a little impromptu light sabre performance. He jumped off the stage several times to go stand at the barriers so girls could grope him all over, he can crack jokes but can apologize if they’re in bad humour, and he loves his parents.

And we all love him. In a few songs, the band stopped playing/singing a bunch of times and the volume of the crowd filling in was more than I’ve ever heard, even at the Linkin Park concert (which, given the venue had way more people there). I was extremely relieved to find the Bandshell wasn’t full of 12 year old girls. Seeing other girls and guys my age (and older) makes me feel better about adoring a band that I wrote off for so long as being an emo teeny bopper band.

Oh, how I was mistaken.

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    Reasons to fall in love with a band. He’s an angel, honestly, even if he can’t see it himself. ♥
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    This is absolutely amazing and perfect. It’s like you’re putting my feelings down into words.
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    This is the most perfect thing I’ve ever read in my entire life. This is absolutely perfect.
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    i was there and 12 now i’m 13 and Josh Ramsay is an awesome man for wat he has been through so every better look up to...
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